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Joe Jackson (
Thu, 18 May 2000 08:37:52 -0400

I'm real sorry dude, but that's a quintessential flame. Her message
consisted of 1) stating the fact that some IM-type conversations were being
automatically forwarded to the DSM list, and 2) apparently casting her vote
for stopping the auto-forward.

Your post twists what she was saying into that she "disapproves of
communication", asks a question further casting her in a negative light ("do
you disapprove of life?"), and finishes with a snide mockery of her remark
("I was just wondering too . . ."). If there was ever a senseless flaming
that was it - a spade's a spade.

I would avoid that in the future - I used to (by "used to" read "last week"
;) ) lash out at people a lot on the net, but I realized it just makes
people think I'm a jerk and feel sorry for my "victims".

To say that you have to separate the chaff from the wheat is silly, as DSM
ran for years without the auto-forward, and the topic invariably stayed on

As amusing as I find those Graham and Feldman guys, I vote for shutting off
the auto-forward with the caveat that perhaps there should be a statement on
the SVS message board pages for newcomers that there are subject matter
experts hanging out on DSM and perhaps their questions would be best taken
there (?). It seems like Gerald Phillips' needs were not best met by
posting to the boards (unless folks are responding to him and others in


>To use the net jargon - was I flaming Mimsy? I don't believe so. I
>believe, if anything, I was responding in kind. And my intention was to
>show up exactly how negative Mimsy's posting was. (The only time I
>"descend" to apparently being negative myself.)


> Tell me, Mimsy, do you disapprove of life as well as communication?
> I was just wondering too . . .
> Gus
> >
> > I am wondering why things are forwarded to all of us DSM
> subscribers that
> > could not be less on the subject of the Sudbury (or any other schooling)
> > model as some of the forwards we have gotten recently?
> >
> > Is this an auto-forward that can be stopped or at least filtered?
> > Mimsy
> >

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