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Hi Scott,
It would be great if the subscribers to the list can be self regulating, and
that only SVS model education was discussed. However, filtering should be
used if self regulation doesn't work. Timely reminders may be necessary
from time to time, such as Mimsy's message ought to prompt. Personal
messages should be forwarded direct. I would be concerned about time being
spent to undertake the filtering.
Regards, Derek
The Booroobin Sudbury School
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> I can stop the auto forwarding. I'd like the opinions of others on this
> before doing so.
> wrote:
> > To the Sysop of DSM:
> >
> > I am wondering why things are forwarded to all of us DSM subscribers
> > could not be less on the subject of the Sudbury (or any other schooling)
> > model as some of the forwards we have gotten recently?
> >
> > Is this an auto-forward that can be stopped or at least filtered?
> > Mimsy
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