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Gus (
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Hi Stuart,

To use the net jargon - was I flaming Mimsy? I don't believe so. I
believe, if anything, I was responding in kind. And my intention was to
show up exactly how negative Mimsy's posting was. (The only time I
"descend" to apparently being negative myself.)

Mimsy was not asking a "perfectly reasonable question" at all. This
wording - "things . . . that could not be less on the Sudbury (or any other
schooling) model . . ." - aside from being incorrect, is also disapproving
and discouraging, not just disagreeing.

The fact that it is incorrect is not Mimsy's fault - it just shows she
doesn't appreciate in how many different ways learning occurs within a
"Sudbury model". An atmosphere of free exchange is at least as important as
any other factor - and it is exactly postings like Mimsy's that bring in an
air of constraint that prevents the really good stuff on such sites as this
from happening.

I welcome her disagreement - I wouldn't have said a thing if she hadn't
loaded her posting with disapproval as well. But if she wants dry,
dispassionate intercourse that never strays from "the point" - let her go to
a university site where they specialize in such useless exercises.

As far as your point about time wasting postings is concerned - you can't
have it both ways. There's no wheat worth having without chaff. You just
have to get faster on the draw with your "delete" button.


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> Hi,
> This is Stuart. I found the following message highly objectionable, as it
> consisted of a personal attack on someone who asked a perfectly reasonable
> question:
> << Tell me, Mimsy, do you disapprove of life as well as communication?
> I was just wondering too . . .
> Gus >>
> If e-mail lists become dominated by either obnoxious or irrelevant posts,
> then people who subscribe to the lists are less likely to read them. For
> example, I find that the high volume of essentially personal mail on the
> aerolist, another e-mail list, makes me less likely to click on posts from
> that list and read them. The irrelevant posts waste my time. Obnoxious
> such as this one, make me mad and waste even more time. Such people should
> warned once at most, after which the sysop should boot them off the list.
> Stuart
> Cedarwood Sudbury School

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