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   MESSAGE: (#147) Re: The rucus caused by my last post
   AUTHOR: Reverend Graham <hexnet@hexnet.org>
   DATE: Thursday, 18 May 2000, at 12:05 a.m.

   Reply To: (#143) Re: The rucus caused by my last post
   Author: Alexander Feldm
   Date: Wednesday, 17 May 2000, at 9:29 a.m.

: To say that upscale restaurants are evil

It was perhaps an unfair generalization, but my point stands. Prepared food
can (and should) be art, but that should not be used as an excuse to isolate
ourselves further from nature and each other with overly orchestrated meal
delivery. A lowly peasant can bake a loaf of bread with greater inner beauty
than any posh Feldmanian New York eatery. Eating bread baked by people with
long resumes and six figure incomes and paying $35.00 for it does not, of
itself, make the bread a work of art.

That having been said, I understand that there are true culinary artists in
the world, and I should not want to offend them by arbitrarily placing all
"upscale" restaurants in that category. However in my experience most such
establishments do.

: I would go so far to say; Fine cuisine
: can bring mortals closer to nirvana than any religion.

We'll have to discuss this.

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