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Wed, 17 May 2000 23:37:53 EDT


This is Stuart. I found the following message highly objectionable, as it
consisted of a personal attack on someone who asked a perfectly reasonable

<< Tell me, Mimsy, do you disapprove of life as well as communication?
  I was just wondering too . . .
  Gus >>

If e-mail lists become dominated by either obnoxious or irrelevant posts,
then people who subscribe to the lists are less likely to read them. For
example, I find that the high volume of essentially personal mail on the
aerolist, another e-mail list, makes me less likely to click on posts from
that list and read them. The irrelevant posts waste my time. Obnoxious posts,
such as this one, make me mad and waste even more time. Such people should be
warned once at most, after which the sysop should boot them off the list.

Cedarwood Sudbury School

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