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   MESSAGE: (#135) Re: Young People with Emotional Disturbance
   AUTHOR: Alex Feldman <Feldmoj@hotmail.com>
   DATE: Sunday, 14 May 2000, at 11:39 a.m.

   Reply To: (#131) Re: Young People with Emotional Disturbance
   Author: Reverend Graham
   Date: Friday, 12 May 2000, at 12:36 a.m.

: Forgive me for being not-particularly-helpful, but
: "emotional/psychological difficulties" seems like a pretty broad
: term, if indeed it is a term at all. It is the sort of label that can be
: used to categorize anyone who thinks or acts in an unconventional manner,
: in particular an unconventional manner that threatens the order and
: stability of the established norm. In the context of the public education
: system, where most childhood "difficulties" are identified and
: "cured," this could be any behavior that ignores or undermines
: the authority of the administration. ADD, for instance. It is unfathomable
: to me that anyone could view a short attention span as a disease. But a
: lot of things seem unfathomable to me. Yet far too many people can fathom
: them. I find that strange and somewhat depressing.

: But you might again be talking about real emotional/psychological
: difficulties, so perhaps you could clarify this point. Good day.

Mr phillips, You must realize that Many things that graham says aren't to be
taken at face value. Though he makes a valid point, I believe he may be
expelling vocabulary, merely to be heard. To answer part of your question I
believe SVS is a more healthy learning environment for just about all
students, including those with learning/emotional abnormalities. For they are
not under pressure to conform to many standards, and are able to be


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