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   MESSAGE: (#134) Re: The rucus caused by my last post
   AUTHOR: A. Feldman <Feldmoj@hotmail.com>
   DATE: Sunday, 14 May 2000, at 12:34 a.m.

   Reply To: (#132) The rucus caused by my last post
   Author: Alexander Morse
   Date: Sunday, 14 May 2000, at 12:20 a.m.

I Compleetly agree with every word in the former post, and consider it to be a
work of pure genius.

: I can't deny that I've enjoyed all the nonsense that has occured due to my
: improper spelling (Graham hit the nail on the head when he said I don't
: care enough to bother checking) But I think everyone missed the point of
: my message which was; I'm doing well, hows abouts yourselves? That's it.

: On another note: If any of you have heard of Union Pacific Restaurant in
: Manhattan, I may have landed a job there. It is among the finest in the
: country (perhaps even the world) If your in NYC, and your wallet is
: weighting you down, come in and eat!! It would be wise to make a
: reservation. I seriously believe that everyone should try a restaurant on
: this level at least once in their lives. I have only chanced to dine in
: such style a few times, and each has been a memorable, and important event
: in my life. I shall conclude this communication by saying "Eat well,
: Die happy"

: P.S. If I have misspelled any words here, please don't correct me, it only
: serves to damage your dignity, and show that you have nothing better to do
: with your time then squabble over petty errors in my writings. Seriously,
: don't be so pathetic, get away from the computer, and see some people, get
: some sunlight and try not to be such a worthless scoundrel.

: P.P.S. The ruler of the world? I don't know who you are, but speaking as one
: with a reasonably large ego, who are you kidding? If you think you're the
: shit, prove it, don't talk about it.


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