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   MESSAGE: (#131) Re: Young People with Emotional Disturbance
   AUTHOR: Reverend Graham <reverendissimo@yahoo.com>
   DATE: Friday, 12 May 2000, at 12:36 a.m.

   Reply To: (#129) Young People with Emotional Disturbance
   Author: Gerald Phillips
   Date: Monday, 8 May 2000, at 12:09 p.m.

: Does Sudbury Vale provide for children and young people with
: emotional/psychological difficulties.

Forgive me for being not-particularly-helpful, but "emotional/psychological
difficulties" seems like a pretty broad term, if indeed it is a term at all.
It is the sort of label that can be used to categorize anyone who thinks or
acts in an unconventional manner, in particular an unconventional manner that
threatens the order and stability of the established norm. In the context of
the public education system, where most childhood "difficulties" are
identified and "cured," this could be any behavior that ignores or undermines
the authority of the administration. ADD, for instance. It is unfathomable to
me that anyone could view a short attention span as a disease. But a lot of
things seem unfathomable to me. Yet far too many people can fathom them. I
find that strange and somewhat depressing.

But you might again be talking about real emotional/psychological
difficulties, so perhaps you could clarify this point. Good day.


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