Re: DSM: SVS in the Boston Globe

William Whalen (
Wed, 10 May 2000 21:45:39 -0400

At 11:00 PM 5/5/00 +0200, Martin Wilke wrote:
>Is there somewhere an online-archive of newpaper and magazine articles
>about Sudbury Schools?

>Kristin Harkness schrieb:
> > A story about SVS (and not a bad one, either) is on the front page of the
> > Boston Globe's metro section today.

The main site of the Boston Globe only shows the current day. But the url
for the SVS article still seems to work:

The article is generally accurate and positive.

The SVS web site has numerous articles written by SVS staff and others. I
am not aware of an on-line archive of articles about the school (copyright
questions might interfere with assembling such a collection).

William Whalen

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