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Hi Kathy,
I am the someone who listed four states that were
mentioned on this discussion site that have no
mandatory regulation of private schools such as of
staff and curriculum - Oregon, Delaware, Arkansas
and maybe New Mexico. Does Illinois have such
 reguluation, Michelle?
 And does anyone know about New Mexico?

Thank you, Dennis.

I am attempting to start a Sudbury model school in
Nevada. It appears that the only way we have any hope
of not being shut down is to start a
fraternal/benevolent organization and have a private
school for members only. I have started such an
organization. (My organization can be found at, for anyone interested. I have
gathered a small group of interested people through
this website.)
But I have been told by a man who previously started a
school (not a Sudbury model) under this loophole that
state officials ignored the Nevada Revised Statute in
which this exemption to the public/private school
regulations is found. The legal costs in defending
his school were too great and he finally closed the
school. The key point to me is that he shut the
school down -- he was never denied recertification,
although they did threaten continually to take away
his certification. I don't have this man's money (at
least not yet) and am moving forward cautiously.
I'm not giving up yet and am awaiting answers from
some state officials. But I may consider relocation
to a state that allows greater educational freedom.
As to your final comment -- "Like the USA government
that the school resembles, changing the model (or the
USA Constitution) can change democracy, freedom and
success." -- all I can say is Amen.
Thanks again.
I'd appreciate knowing about any other state
regulations or about ways in which others are
successfully maneuvering around their state

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