RE: DSM: cigarettes and sex

Joe Jackson (
Mon, 1 May 2000 19:11:27 -0400

Hello, Joe from Fairhaven.

> I think SVS may be unjustifiably restricting individual
> freedoms and perhaps minority rights in banning sex or other activities
> based merely on the 'discomfort principle'.

I would think that individuals can vote on banning an activity based on any
principle they as individuals choose. Is the suggestion here that there are
only certain principles upon which a school meeting member should be allowed
to base their vote?

> Being aware of your fears is part of being a reflective person. The
> fear may be legitimate, and valid for banning the activity, but then
> call it that. Say We have to ban this activity because we are afraid
> of...

I think folks can vote against things for whatever reason they want, and
they shouldn't be required to defend their vote to anyone. I don't really
see the point of guilting people into admitting their comfort levels are
based on fear - it seems quite agenda-setting.


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