DSM: Re: state laws allowing Sudbury schools

Sun, 30 Apr 2000 12:35:47 EDT


This is Stuart Williams-Ley from Cedarwood Sudbury School in Santa Clara, CA.
Kathy Stilwell asked:
<< A while back someone posted a message listing four
 states whose education laws would allow the existence
 of a Sudbury model school. Does anyone remember what
 those states are?
 Kathy Stilwell >>
I didn't see the original post, but it's evident that it was mistaken. There
are Sudbury schools in 14 states: Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut,
Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Colorado, California,
Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii. There are other states as well that would
allow Sudbury schools, and startup groups are, or have been, active in some
of these states.

I would be interested to learn what states do not allow Sudbury schools, and
exactly how that prohibition is phrased in the law. My request for specific
legal language stems from my own experience. My initial reading of California
law was that Sudbury schools would be illegal here. It was only after I
talked to a staff member at an existing California Sudbury school that I
realized how much flexibility the law really provides. Anyone who thinks that
their state law does not allow Sudbury schools should try to come up with a
different interpretation of the law, then perhaps ask a lawyer whether that
interpretation makes any sense.

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