Re: DSM: cigarettes and sex

Michelle Patzke (
Sat, 29 Apr 2000 10:59:22 -0500


Our law book includes a community norms law; something like the school
meeting can create limits on individual behavior in the interests of
maintaining community norms. I don't have the law book, so I don't have
the exact language. Individual rights/freedom are frequently to some
degree modified by community comfort at Sudbury Schools. It is a line that
Sudbury Schools often grapple with. You might be interest in the recent
SVS journal article "Culture Clash". We have a copy at LVS that talks
about a related problem of the clash of our philosophy relative to children
and the mainstream world's view on that subject, which, as you might guess,
are often at loggerheads. Sudbury Schools do not exist in a vaccuum and
endanger their existence if, on important subjects where they interface
with the outside world (parents, school neighbors, outside authorities,
landlords, to name a few), they pretend that they do. Perhaps you can look
at that artcle this Tuesday if you are coming to the Special Assembly Meeting.


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