Re: DSM: cigarettes and sex

rhonda goebel (
Thu, 27 Apr 2000 06:49:13 +0000

> How does one have explict laws against sexual behavior? At SVS one's
> behavior is supposed to not cause discomfort to anyone who happens to
> accidentally see it.

Mimsy, This is one of the questions that came up while conducting my
thesis research. This rule of 'discomfort to others' is applied to
sexual behavior, but is it applied to other behavior as well? If not,
why is this principal singled out only for sexual behavior? If so, it
would seem to interfere with individual rights and freedoms. For
example, if a male student being effeminate made another person feel
uncomfortable, would that male student have to repress himself in this
way? How is the 'discomfort to others' principal justified for certain
categories of behavior, but not others? Respectfully, Rhonda

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