DSM: 2 questions

Joseph Moore (joseph@ivorycc.com)
Wed, 26 Apr 2000 09:08:29 -0700

The discussion has been good lately.

2 related questions I've had for a while:

1) If a community treated their children with the proper respect (not
infringing their freedom, respecting their rights, expecting
responsibility), would a Sudbury school be necessary or desireable?

2) Formal classroom schooling as we know it is recent (about 200 years old,
max). Before then, kids learned by living the lives of their family - farm
kids farmed, craft kids crafted, etc. So, it's not exactly true to say that
kids by nature learn what they need when given freedom. More accurately, by
nature kids learn what they need to have a place in the family and community
in which they find themselves. By shaping where kids find themselves, we
have a big say in what they learn.

So: In what sense do kids learn 'by nature' in a totally unnatural setting
of hundreds of kids in a big beautiful house on acres of land miles from
where their parents are doing the modern day equivilent of farming and
crafting? 'By nature', those kids should be with their families, right?

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