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Alan Klein (
Wed, 19 Apr 2000 20:43:29 -0400

Dear Mimsy,

I like your reasoning. I, as well, have always thought that the kind of
education we promote is more like the "real world" than traditional
classrooms, even though we are always questioned (attacked?) with, "Whatever
will the children do when they are confronted with the Real World?"

Go well,

ps - I favor the short form, as well!

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> The reason I think we are part of the mainstream is because we have such a
> wide variety of people and such a wide variety of problems, issues, and
> come up. Very young kids deal with very real world stuff like justice,
> to spend money, who to hire, etc. AND they go into the community all the
> time. Isn't that as mainstream as you want them to be? Sure we are not
> of the majority, but it is not a little island apart, but very much
> to the culture outside.
> We certainly never stop doing outreach. Pinning down what outreach works
> best is the hard thing!

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