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Fri, 14 Apr 2000 18:02:15 EDT

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<< Another question -- was there discussion around the idea of all students
having the same rules, regardless of age? I know there are many, many
precedents in our society for age-based qualifications (driving, voting,
drinking, etc.), but those are often seen by youth (and adults!) as
completely arbitrary. Also, could a "mature" 12 year-old petition the
school meeting and get a waiver or something, based on demonstrated

Personally, I don't like decisions being made solely on age, hence the
bias in my questions. I'm hoping there is a way around it. ;)

I think complying with ageist laws but not applying them to anyone except who
the law say sto apply it to is much better than making judgements you have no
right to make about another person...

What I don't understand is why younger students can't just leave with an
adult, it has to be on a "school excursion". What's that for?


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