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Thu, 13 Apr 2000 22:24:21 EDT

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<< Both of these cases require an individual case-by-case basis. How
vulnerable? Is someone else responsible for them? Should they be? Young
children can be treated as a group in this case as they are - without
exception - unable to physically best the average adult. You can always
try and even out the comparison by upping the ante - I've got a knife,
you've got a gun, and this guy has a nuclear device - but a young child is
more vulnerable across the board. >>

Who decides?

<< I couldn't disagree with you more in this case. The whole object of
childhood in general and the child-parent relationship in particular, is to
allow the child to move from totally dependent to independent. >>

Dependant doesn't have to mean controlled.

<< It would be a horrible lapse in my responsibility as a parent if I let my
young child do something dangerous simply because he wanted to. And if I had
that, we wouldn't be having this discussion because my little angel would
have been dead by the age of two. If he were lucky. >>

Why do you go on the assumption that your child is a suicidal maniac with no
concern for his well-being?


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