Re: DSM: [SVS Discussion Board] questions
Thu, 13 Apr 2000 08:09:15 EDT

I don't really agree with you, Alan. Does the fact that our student body is
far from lily-white in skin color mean that they are more diverse than the
fact that some student's parents scrape by with incomes that are far too low
to allow them to afford any private school (and yet they do) and others come
to school in new cars mean? Not to me. Scott's answer was correct. The
diversity lies in neither of the above things but in their incredibly diverse
set of interests and of ways of going about satisfying them.

Were we to take your tack, what factors would we consider for "diversity"?
Skin color? Parents (children) from other countries? I don't know how to
judge this, and furthermore I am not interested in judging it. Allowing
one's child to attend a small private school (even a cheap one) where kids
are very much in the mainstream culture and not in an isolated academic
culture is contradictory already to some people's way of thinking. . .

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