Re: DSM: [SVS Discussion Board] questions
Wed, 12 Apr 2000 20:46:13 EDT

To Tom Barone:

I suggest that you peruse some of the school's wealth of printed information
for the answers to some of your questions -- they are not all short answers,
and they are not all easily answerable.

A book has been written about what students do after they leave Sudbury
Valley -- "Legacy of Trust".

There is a handbook which contains ALL rules.

Both of these items, and many many more are available for order on the web page. You should encourage your students to do the research
into this educational model that will get them more of an understanding than
these few quick answers.

We don't measure anything about our parents, just like we don't measure
anything about our entering or exiting students.

To get expelled you have to really refuse to take responsibility for
yourself; to consistently or horrendously behave in ways that are socially
impossible to live with.

Of course social groups form -- don't they in every large group of people?
Some are multi-age, some not. (Most are.) And they change many times a day
for most people.

Enrollment is open to anyone who wishes to enroll. There is no test for
ethnic background as there is none for income.


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