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Rayner Garner (
Wed, 12 Apr 2000 10:43:25 -0700

You don't have to be living in LA to be concerned about safety.
We had just moved out of a community in a rural area, (Lake County)
 into a
secluded house. Unbeknown to us, the local branch of the KKK
had a meeting house along the trail to the main road! A very
violent and scary intrusion into our house led to us having
to move to Sonoma county where we thought we would be safer.
(My children are Eurasian, which apparently was the reason
for the hostility.)

We have now discovered that the KKK is
also active here. The sheriffs here suggest that I get a
concealed weapon permit and install security devices! In spite
of it's charm and beauty this area has a high rate of child
abduction, rape and assault. Not to mention racial hostility.
I can understand why any school places certain restrictions
on venturing outside the premises. We seem to have bred a
high proportion of predators in this culture. Tragic.
Rayner Garner

Tammy Inman wrote:
> I have a quick question. I know SVS is in a somewhat secluded area (at
> least that has been my impression), but do you have worry about young
> children being hurt by other people when they leave the school grounds? I'm
> not talking about not trusting the students themselves, but about not
> trusting possible child molestors, kidnappers, etc. I may sound paranoid
> but I come from the perspective of living in L.A. I wouldn't want a young
> child wandering around by himself or herself merely because I would fear the
> actions of others.
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