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   MESSAGE: (#119) questions
   AUTHOR: Tom Barone <barone@asu.edu>
   DATE: Wednesday, 12 April 2000, at 3:18 a.m.

Hi, My name is Dr. Tom Barone,

I teach a class at Arizona State University and my students had the following
questions about Sudbury Vallet School:

1. Has research been done to determine the success of graduates over time? 2.
What is the educational background of parents? 3. Could you give a few
examples of specific rules at SVS? 4. What would you have to do to be
expelled? 5. Do kids of approximately the same age hang out together? 6. Are
there social cliques or interest groups? 7. Are there scholarships avaliable?
8. Is the student body multicultural?

I would greatly appecite it if someone could respond to these questions> My
email address is email address is barone@asu.edu.

Many thanks!

Tom Barone.


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