Re: DSM: [SVS Discussion Board] Re: Child Safety

Martin Wilke (
Wed, 12 Apr 2000 02:07:16 +0200

Andrew Smallman schrieb:
> Hey Scott,
> Thanks for the response. I certainly understand the fine-line to which
> you refer below.
> Another question -- was there discussion around the idea of all students
> having the same rules, regardless of age? I know there are many, many
> precedents in our society for age-based qualifications (driving, voting,
> drinking, etc.), but those are often seen by youth (and adults!) as
> completely arbitrary. Also, could a "mature" 12 year-old petition the
> school meeting and get a waiver or something, based on demonstrated
> responsibility?
> Personally, I don't like decisions being made solely on age, hence the
> bias in my questions. I'm hoping there is a way around it. ;)

Yes, one's age is really a very bad criterion. If some kind of
limitation of open campus is necessary at all, it should depend on other
criteria. For some things Sudbury Valley has licensation (use of
computers, photo lab, ...). Wouldn't it be fairer to have licensation
with open campus as well? It would be more individual. It would be open
to any person who meets the criteria, regardless of age.

Martin Wilke

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