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Mike Sadofsky (
Tue, 11 Apr 2000 09:01:20 -0400

An incident occurred in which two young girls (ages four and
seven) left campus (in defiance of their agreements with
their respective parents) to visit a nearby conservation
park. People outside the school community saw them,
interacted with them, and immediately raised concern with
governmental authorities the issue of safety of young,
children alone off campus. There were no injuries or
particular dangers to the girls, except in the eyes of the
observers who saw them in the park on on the road to and
from the park.

The School Meeting saw fit to change the policy in an effort
to reinforce in the eyes of the public the fact that the
school recognizes its responsibilities, and is, as a matter
of law, in loco parentis and responsible for the
"supervision of students."

The entire matter, including how the school went about
discussing and formulating this modification in policy, is
discussed in some detail in Volume 29, Number 4, March 2000
issue of the Sudbury Valley School Journal.

Mike Sadofsky wrote:
> Do you know what prompted this change in policy? --complaints from the
> community ... an off-campus student injury ... or what?

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