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   MESSAGE: (#115) Re: Opinions
   AUTHOR: Hilary <hilary_r_green@yahoo.com>
   DATE: Wednesday, 5 April 2000, at 12:02 p.m.

   Reply To: (#114) Opinions
   Author: Cindy Morrill
   Date: Wednesday, 29 March 2000, at 10:27 a.m.

: Hi, I just recently found out about this innovative school. I would like to
: get some parental feedback on your opinions of the school. Do you
: recommend this school? My child is a good student but does not necessarily
: do well in a traditional classroom envirement. How are your children
: fairing in comparison to children who are in a traditional classroom? I
: would appreciate any imput whether positive or negative regarding the
: program at this school. Thank you.Cindy

Hi Cindy - It's funny that you ask if I recommend this school: Of course I do!
My child started at SVS at the age of four and now she is eight. I can't
imagine a better learning environment for her. How can I compare her to
children in traditional classrooms? She has never taken a test. Her reading
level has never been evaluated. She is happy most of the time but I suspect
the children in traditional classrooms are happy, too, considering how well we
humans adapt to our environment. My first thought when I learned about SVS: I
wish I had gone to SVS! -Hilary


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