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Joseph Moore (joseph@ivorycc.com)
Mon, 3 Apr 2000 10:19:09 -0700

Hi, Martin,

Based on my own small (and possibly unrepresentative) sample, the largest
percentage of people who send their kids to Sudbury type schools seem
apolitical - they want this experience for their kids, or are at their wit's
end. Sometimes, butting heads with the state schools politicizes them,

That said, the problem with both capitalism and socialism (as realized so
far in the world) is that neither supports anything like individual-level
rights and responsibilities. Both pretend that, via the expert ministrations
of government officials, we the people are getting looked after for our own
good, like so much cattle. Mandatory state school is just one example of

The radical political position of Sudbury Valley is that people - even
children - are in charge of their own lives. The truth made plain by the
School Meeting is that legitimate governments rules solely by the active
consent of the governed. This is much more fundamental than socialism or
capitalism, and intolerable to anyone who arbitrarily holds power. Within
this context, one could be either a socialist or a capitalist, or, perhaps,
something else.

Joseph Moore

"All tyrants begin as friends of the people." Socrates

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Hi all,

several SVS publications state that people involved in Sudbury Schools
in one way or another come from a wide range of political views. All
of them appear to favor personal freedom and democracy. But they seem to
have quite different views on the field of economics. Some prefer
free-market capitalism while others rather prefer a democratic
What I'd like to know is why free-market supporters think Sudbury Model
and free market fit together well, and why supporters of democratic
socialism think Sudbury Schools do well in a non-capitalist setting.
I personally think Sudbury Model does work in either economic system,
but i'm interested in the arguments both sides have.


Martin Wilke

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