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Mike Sadofsky (
Sat, 01 Apr 2000 18:06:08 -0500

public libraries, museums, public and commercial
playgrounds, shopping malls (with and without child centered
facilities), parks and zoos, aquaria, theaters, historic
sites, sports centers, guided tours of public and commercial
facilities, chess clubs, bridge clubs, restaurants
(including McDonald types with integral playgrounds), coffee
shops, ...

There are places that support many individual purposes and
personal objectives. Sudbury Valley is designed to be a
community of kids and those adults they select and hire to
be with them. Kids who enroll but don't attend regularly
tend to have a difficult time understanding how the
community works and using the resources of the school.

Hope this helps.

Mike wrote:
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> << There exist many "drop in" centers; SVS isn't designed to be
> such. >>
> I'm not familiar with such centers. Please give a specific example.
> Thanks.

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