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Have you read much of the descriptive material that is
available on the School's web site? Have you read some of
the many books that have been written about SVS, parent
questions, and experiences of people who have attended?
Given your email address, I recognize that you are likely
near the School. If you'd prefer to not purchase books,
you'll find that many of the local public libraries have
them available.
Now to your questions.

Yes, I recommend the School and the approach it fosters of
allowing children to follow their personal interests and to
develop at their own rates and initiatives. That said, I am
not certain what sorts of comparisons might interest you.

SVS enrollees arriving from a more structured environment
often take some time to acclimate themselves to the freedoms
and responsibilities SVS offers. Young children are
sometimes much more interested in play and the learning it
provides than in developing skills with written language;
their interest and capability in reading may lag that of
their peers in more structured settings. This can bother
some parents. Still, they eventually develop the skill and
then read what interests them.

As SVS kids reach a point in time when they begin to think
about moving on in the world, I believe they are stronger,
better prepared, and have better understanding of the world
around them than their peers from conventional schools.
They have little difficulty in choosing a path and pursing
the same, whether it is college, arts, apprenticeship, or
the workplace.

Hope this helps. If you have other questions, just post
them to the SVS Discussion Board or to this list server (to
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> DATE: Wednesday, 29 March 2000, at 10:27 a.m.
> Hi, I just recently found out about this innovative school. I would like to
> get some parental feedback on your opinions of the school. Do you recommend
> this school? My child is a good student but does not necessarily do well in a
> traditional classroom envirement. How are your children fairing in comparison
> to children who are in a traditional classroom? I would appreciate any imput
> whether positive or negative regarding the program at this school. Thank
> you.Cindy
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