Re: DSM: [SVS Discussion Board] Opinions
Wed, 29 Mar 2000 11:41:11 EST

Hi Cindy,
I'm a parent of an 8 year old, in her second year at SVS. We moved to
Framingham from California so she could attend SVS. Our family is highly
supportive of the model and our experience with the school has exceeded our
expectations. So yes I guess we'd recommend it, if the family was looking
for this kind of an education. As for comparing this experience to that of
one in a traditional classroom, I don't. It's apples and oranges. What I
know is that my child is happy and enjoying her childhood. She loves going
to school and I trust that she's learning what she needs to know. I just
appreciate that she's in an environment that respects and supports her in
doing what she wants to do.
Sincerely, Linda Zimmerman

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