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   MESSAGE: (#113) Re: Brochure and Other things
   AUTHOR: Scott David Gra <sdavid@tiac.net>
   DATE: Thursday, 23 March 2000, at 4:43 p.m.

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   Author: Dana
   Date: Thursday, 23 March 2000, at 3:49 p.m.

: hello, hello, hello. my name is Dana, and this is my second year at SVS.
: got no idea if they're planning on starting a sudbury school there, but
: hey saying that you'd have to start one when you become an adult, is
: GREAT!!! Personally, i don't feel that fifteen is too young to switch
: schools;there are quite a few people who started here at that age, and
: have done quite well. however, we don't let anybody at or over the age of
: 17 in our school(i don't know about the other schools). well i don't know

There has been some confusion over this point. To clarify, SVS usually has a
waiting list for new enrollments. In any case, current enrollees may always
re-enroll whatever the state of the waiting list. If there is a waiting list
for new enrollments, and any people on that list are under age 17, those
people are given priority before those who are over age 17.

In Massachusetts, a person over the age of 17 is not legally bound to be in
school. And so it seems valuable to give priority to people who are subject to
truancy laws.

: what else to say, so i'll just say that you can email me if you want,
: (peachy77@sudval.org), and if not, then hey, that's peachy, too. bye!
: *~*~Dana~*~*


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