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   MESSAGE: (#109) Brochure and Other things
   AUTHOR: Kelsey <bosgood@SNET.net>
   DATE: Thursday, 23 March 2000, at 12:10 p.m.


My name is Kelsey and I am extremely interested in the idea of the Sudbury
Valley School. I would absolutely love to attend, however I live nowhere near
any school of its philosophies and am 15, too old (by my parents standards) to
switch schools now. However, I would like to obtain more information. Are
there any students around my age at Sudbury Valley who would be willing to
contact me and tell me what it is like to go to school there? Does Sudbury
Valley have a written brochure that it would be willing to send me? Are there
any plans to start a Sudbury Valley Type school in Fairfield County, CT or
Westchester County, NY? (If not I guess I'll just have to start one as an
adult :) ).

I feel that especially now I would benefit from this type of education. I
attend rigid private school, and the classes that I am bored in such as
biology and chemistry I don't do as well in. By general standards I am
"gifted", and I flourish when I am interested in something. I began a
non-profit organization and scored extremely well on my PSATs, but I'm afraid
that my school's philosophies will lead me to severe boredom and borderline

Enough rambling for now......look forward to hearing from you! Sincerely~
Kelsey Osgood


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