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Joe Jackson (shoeless@erols.com)
Tue, 14 Mar 2000 08:05:20 -0500

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Joe from Fairhaven

Not to clog up the inboxes, but Wobbler is a hoax. See


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Subject: DEMSTARTUP: Virus alert

The School received the following information:

Importance: High

 There is a new virus - WOBBLER. It will arrive on e-mail titled
"CALIFORNIA." IBM and AOL have announced that it is very powerful, more so
than Melissa, there is no remedy. It will eat all your information on the
hard drive and destroys Netscape Navigator and Microsoft
 Internet Explorer. Do not open anything with this title and please pass
this message on to all your contacts and anyone who uses your e-mail
 Not many people seem to know about this yet, so propagate it as fast as
possible. If you receive an e-mail titled "Win A. Holiday," DO NOT open it.
It will erase everything on your hard drive. Forward this letter
out to as many people as you can. This is a new, very malicious virus and
not many people know about it. This information was announced yesterday
morning from Microsoft.

Thank you,
Neil Ferrick,
Compaq Computer Corporation

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