DSM: A Legacy of Trust

Dana X Britomaris (ihavewings@mailcity.com)
Thu, 09 Mar 2000 11:07:08 -1130

>I am a mom looking for a school with a philosphy similar to yours. I am
>concerned for the development of the whole self. When considering my son who
>is bright, but not always up for learning. I worry that he may not request an
>education in this environment. On the other hand, he is a child that has learn
>for the most part without motivation. The public schools take away childrens
>human rights and their true potential to learn. My son is thirteen years old
>and a good kid.
 As a parent I
>question if my child could express his potential in an academic society? Do
>continuing schools except this as an education? As I said, I am looking toward
>developing my childs whole self. I respect the philosphy of this school and
>truly hope it benifits the whole child. All children should be so fortunate.
>Does this fortune last a life time opening academic doors as the child moves
>on in the world. Is the public school the price one has to pay for "academic
>wealth", if so it certainly is of no wealth for todays children.

I recommend the subject-line book and articles posted at the Sudbury Valley School site.
("Anti-depressants" was also from me; i'm out of the habit of signing.) Dana

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