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   MESSAGE: (#102) Re: Sudbury Valley School in Toronto Canada?
   AUTHOR: Joe Jackson <shoeless@erols.com>
   DATE: Thursday, 9 March 2000, at 6:55 a.m.

   Reply To: (#100) Sudbury Valley School in Toronto Canada?
   Author: Rob Murray
   Date: Wednesday, 8 March 2000, at 12:25 a.m.


I think you should try to start a school. Your thoughts regarding the prospect
of sending your children to existing schools mirror what motivated all of us
here in Maryland to start Fairhaven School.

Think about it. If you think you might want to proceed, the first thing you
should do is order Sudbury Valley's planning kit, item number 700 (about
halfway down the page) at http://www.sudval.org/svs/books.html.

Should you decide to attempt this, all of the Sudbury Model schools stand
ready to assist you in any capacity.

-Joe Jackson shoeless@erols.com http://www.jazztbone.com
************************ See Fairhaven School's website at


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