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   MESSAGE: (#101) Re: Greetings
   AUTHOR: Reverend Graham <hexnet@hexnet.org>
   DATE: Wednesday, 8 March 2000, at 9:55 p.m.

   Reply To: (#98) Re: Greetings
   Author: Dawn Harkness
   Date: Tuesday, 7 March 2000, at 4:13 p.m.

I have little of pertinence to add to this conversation, except that I think
the two posters prior to Dawn possess absolutely abhorrent grammar skills,
although I'm sure with Feldman it was merely a matter of not caring enough to
spell check his post. The replier, however, has no justification. There is
absolutely no excuse for correcting someone's spelling with an equally
incorrect spelling (not to mention misquoting the original incorrect
spelling). Now, I know language is "dynamic" and all that, and the whole
notion of "correct" spelling as a social dogma has really only come around in
the last few hundred years with the first dictionaries. Nonetheless, I feel
that, having been acclimated to identifying words by their precise spelling in
a language where even minor variations in spelling and pronunciation can
affect their entire meanings, standardized spelling is probably a positive
advancement. At least for the time being. I'm not saying that in the future it
will not be possible, nay even necessary, for us to revert to a more dynamic
spelling system. But at the moment, at this critical juncture in our social
evolution, spelling should be done properly. I also think Prozac is an
entirely indefensible drug, and has no place in professional medicine. I
would, at this point, like to make an impassioned plea for the legalization of
LSD, but this hardly seems like an appropriate forum for that. Good day then.

: Those who would hold themselves out as spell checkers should check their own
: spelling. But I'll save you the trip to the dictionary... it is
: "excellent" that you took your prozac!


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