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   MESSAGE: (#99) admissions and school profile
   AUTHOR: Laurie <treefrog540@aol.com>
   DATE: Tuesday, 7 March 2000, at 8:49 p.m.

I am a mom looking for a school with a philosphy similar to yours. I am
concerned for the development of the whole self. When considering my son who
is bright, but not always up for learning. I worry that he may not request an
education in this environment. On the other hand, he is a child that has learn
for the most part without motivation. The public schools take away childrens
human rights and their true potential to learn. My son is thirteen years old
and a good kid. The only thing he learned in the public school is to avoid
learning. He wants to be an architechture and is always busy inventing things.
He's full of energy and life. He is not in the public school now. My husband
and I have seen the public school destroy many childrens true selves. They
uneducate children and get paid for it!!! Our son is very special to us and
because the public school is in serious need of reform we choose to remove our

Please tell me the pros and cons of this school, it sounds too good to be
true. In many ways, I understand the philosphy and need not question how
children would learn in a stimulating and motivating environment. In contrast
to the real world, how would a child get into college without the
pre-requisites of an accredited school. If my son attended this school
certainly he would get through life happier, with a greater emotional
potential and healthy self esteem. What more could a kid want? As a parent I
question if my child could express his potential in an academic society? Do
continuing schools except this as an education? As I said, I am looking toward
developing my childs whole self. I respect the philosphy of this school and
truly hope it benifits the whole child. All children should be so fortunate.
Does this fortune last a life time opening academic doors as the child moves
on in the world. Is the public school the price one has to pay for "academic
wealth", if so it certainly is of no wealth for todays children.


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