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Fri, 3 Mar 2000 18:16:54 EST

Hi Anne,

Well it's not quite the Atlantic Monthly, but the local parenting
newsmagazine Seattle's Child (which I work for) did an article on the
Clearwater School in fall 1998. It's posted on our website at

Also the Clearwater School's website should have a link to this same article.
If you haven't been to their site yet, it's at

Good luck!
Shelley Arenas

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<< Subj: DSM: Clearwater School
 Date: 3/3/2000 2:45:45 PM Pacific Standard Time
 From: (Anne Richardson)
 I have just stumbled across Clearwater School, which is a Sudbury-model
 school. My original plan was to unschool my daughter at home so I am
 delighted by the concept as it is clear that it would be better for her to
 be with other children.
 I have read over some of the things on various Sudbury school websites thus
 far. However, I would welcome any information on articles from 'outside'
 sources similar to the one on Waldorf education in the September issue of
 Atlantic Monthly.
 Can anyone out there help me?
 Anne >>

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