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For anyone who collects references to "democratic schools" and "Sudbury
Valley", the following letter sent in response to an education article
in the Christian Science Monitor was printed in the Thursday, March 2,
2000 edition:

Regarding 2/22 "Chalk Talk" and article on "bad teachers":

Private, "democratic schools", such as Sudbury Valley School in Framingham
MA, have thrived for over 30 years, using a hiring and firing system for
staff and teachers in which the students have equal vote, and thus the
freedom and responsibility to choose their own teachers. Schools based on
this model have been started in Russia and Israel with much success. It
is about time that we as a nation, give up an authoritarian schooling
system drawn from pre-World War I Prussian militarism, for educational
reform which better fits our ideals as a democracy.

Angela Sevin

Concord, California

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