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The Highland School, a democratic school started almost 20 years ago in West
Virginia, has had boarders in recent years. Contact Candy or Steve Landvoigt
at highland@ruralnet.org

Highland is not a Sudbury School per se. We started it before we had learned
about SVS's existence and were floored when we found a "sister" school a
couple of years later...one that mirrored us so closely in philosophy,
practice, and history. I was a staff member for eight years, from the time
we founded the school through 1989.

~Alan Klein

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> I know this has come up on the list before, but I would like to ask again
> because it is of immediate relevance. Does anyone know which, if any of
> Sudbury schools in the US allow boarders? I have a friend, who is 14 and
> has begun to realize how much stress she is under in the private prep
> she attends. I told her about these schools and she has become enamoured
> with them. She would really like to attend one but there is not really
> close enough to commute to. If anyone has any information about this it
> would be very helpful Thanks!

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