Re: DSM: Majority Rule vs. Consensus
Sun, 20 Feb 2000 14:12:46 EST

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> One thing some womyn's groups have tried when there's one or two members of
> group who pretty consistently want something different from the majority is
> to give her or them what they want a percentage of the time proportional
> to what percentage of the membership they are -- so if there are 2 in a
> of 12, say, they get their way on one decision in six.

I guess that is fine if the aim of the group is to have people figure out how
to take part in decision-making. But for meaningful decisions? Give me a
break! Meaningful decisions are those that take the needs and desires of the
people in the group into account and also common sense and the aims of the
group/institution. I certainly wouldn't want to be part of any group in
which some minority OR majority got to make a certain percentage of the
decisions on the basis of how many of them there were. Isn't the whole idea
of having a group having common aims to forward together? Or it it to
isolate political interest groups and then placate them with crumbs?

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