DSM: Majority Rule vs. Consensus

Dana X Britomaris (ihavewings@mailcity.com)
Fri, 18 Feb 2000 16:41:49 -1130

One thing some womyn's groups have tried when there's one or two members of a group who pretty consistently want something different from the majority is to give her or them what they want a percentage of the time proportional to what percentage of the membership they are -- so if there are 2 in a group of 12, say, they get their way on one decision in six. Dana Bellwether

>> >Joe Roach from The New School in Delaware here.
>> >
>> >Consensus always sound benign, doesn't it?
>> >Personally, I find consensus to be a very subtle,
>> >insidious form of coersion. Children often disagree
>> >with each other -- sometimes for personal reasons,
>> >sometimes for reasons of principle... I want a child
>> >to be free to disagree.
>> >
>> >In any democratic organization, a great weakness can
>> >the unfettered rule of the majority. Good
>> >organization building means ensuring the rights of
>> >people who may find themselves in a minority. Such
>> >rights can be guarded through the charter or by-laws
>> >of the school. Consensus-building can be every bit as
>> >unfair as majority rule.
>> >
>> >Good luck and best regards,
>> >
>> >Joe Roach
>> >The New School
>> >Newark, Delaware

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