DSM: Slavery, Education, Political Philosophy, Caring,HumanRights, Effecting Change

Dana X Britomaris (ihavewings@mailcity.com)
Fri, 18 Feb 2000 15:50:42 -1130

   I think as long as "what children need" is defined very narrowly, as "what they need for physical health and safety," one innate right we can confidently say belongs to juvenile humans, given our species' long period of dependency, is to get what they need even when they can't understand the need for it. Dana
>No, she never showed signs of objecting, but then she never knew we were
>watching. My purpose in posing that real, but possibly (in this context)
>rhetorical, situation was to demonstrate how difficult this issue of
>"rights" is. I am a firm and long-time advocate for kids having rights (as
>versus being "given" them by adults), but, even if she had objected, I still
>would have watched her.

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