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Fri, 18 Feb 2000 18:56:52 -0500


No, she never showed signs of objecting, but then she never knew we were
watching. My purpose in posing that real, but possibly (in this context)
rhetorical, situation was to demonstrate how difficult this issue of
"rights" is. I am a firm and long-time advocate for kids having rights (as
versus being "given" them by adults), but, even if she had objected, I still
would have watched her.


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Alan asked:
> >What about my one year old who loved to wander. She
> >was "voting with her feet" literally, insofar as her preferences were
> >concerned, and we almost always let her roam, simply watching from afar
> >"aclose"). But she wasn't asking for that supervision. Were we wrong in
> >providing it?

Dana responded:
> Did she show any sign of objecting to it?

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