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Fri, 18 Feb 2000 09:07:41 -1130


>I figured that was about what was meant. I wonder: does that mean that oral
>languaging is the key? What about my one year old who loved to wander. She
>was "voting with her feet" literally, insofar as her preferences were
>concerned, and we almost always let her roam, simply watching from afar (or
>"aclose"). But she wasn't asking for that supervision. Were we wrong in
>providing it?
>Curiously yours,
Did she show any sign of objecting to it?
>From: <>
Great handle!

>> << What do you mean, "when preferences begin"? >>

>WarOnTies responded:
> > When someone is old enough to say "hey, I do NOT want to go to school and
>I Just so this isn't interpreted as having to be a verbal communication.
>> do want to eat candy", they are old enough for that to matter as much as
>> opinion of any adult would.

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