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   MESSAGE: (#90) Dialogue
   AUTHOR: Kat <KLPrice007@aol.com>
   DATE: Monday, 14 February 2000, at 1:15 a.m.

Hi, I'm a high school debater who's enamored with the idea od Sudbury Valley
Schools, and I haev a few questions. For the impact of my affirmative case --
in the affirmative, I affirm the resolution in that education policy should be
changed to boost "academic achievement" in secondary schools -- I include an
advantage which claims that open campus schools deminish racism and sexism in
America... Let me explain, I say that by incorporating dialogue (socratic and
otherwise) into the "education process" open campus schools promote border
crossing, and from that students and teachers gain a new understanding of
themselves and each other, as well as the points of view that other people are
coming from. Have you (those who have been to, go to, or are faculty at)
experiences these happenings? Is there a lot of interpersonal dialogue? Do
adults at open campus schools act as facilitators to dialogue and information
gathering? Are there ever traditional classes taught, if a person desires to
attend one?

Thanks, Kat


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