Re: DSM: homeschooling
Sat, 12 Feb 2000 08:35:19 EST


I am a staff member at a sudbury-model school in Maryland, and am also
interested in this question. I hope it gets good feedback via this
discussion group.

I will say that, in theory, SVS-model schools would seem to serve
homeschoolers (especially "unschoolers," if you are familiar with the term)
who wish to have a place to interact, quite well.

In practice, I see that homeschooling parents can have trouble with the
concept of "benign neglect." That is, they are usually a group of parents
who have been highly, directly involved involved in the education of their
children. In most arenas, this would (and should) be considered a
compliment! In this model, however, parents must be willing to accept that
their child needs to be able to steer the course of their own education. The
parents' direct involvement is often needed much less.

I would go so far as to say that homeschooling parents who try to remain
directly involved... are often a hindrance to their children's ability to
fully benefit from this model.

This is not to say that parental involvement is not welcome in this model.
There are many ways in which parents support their child's growth and
learning, including some official channels that are built in. I just see
that it is often more difficult for homeschooling parents to give their kids
the amount of space (from them) that is required.

--Robert Murphy

Fairhaven School

PS I would say that the above applies even (and perhaps especially) to
parents who become staff members at their child's school.

PPS As for staff members who become parents, I haven't a clue...

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