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   MESSAGE: (#84) Child Safety
   AUTHOR: Patrice <patrice2u@aol.com>
   DATE: Friday, 11 February 2000, at 11:29 a.m.

Hi All,

I have read the Greenberg books and even (miraculously) found a shcool model
in my area.

I do however have some concerns as I think all Mom's would. I know that
academics are futile without a sense of self and a love for one's self and
without the freedom to choose that which interests you. I worked in a
Montessori classroom for a few years and decided that then.

I am worried though about one of my daughters wondering off....she 8 , and not
really a runaway, she is just a daydreamer and loves to be out in the woods
and what is to stop her from wandering too far or going out into the street. I
know I know the parents can have agreements...but kids don't always remember
this especially the younger ones who tend to live in a "different world". I
want someone watching my kid! I can't get past that one. I love EVERYTHING
else about the school and I want my child to attend but I can't go thru my day
unless I KNOW she is in a safe place. The other 3 kids are older and I am not
so worried about them...and I can't ask them to watch her because that will be
taking each of them away from what they want to do and would defeat the whole
purpose of going to that school.


And what are the colleges or professions that your grads, recent thru 30
years, ago are attending or involved in??

I would really appreciate any reassureance if you can offer it and answers to
my two questions.

Many Thanx Patrice Notaro


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