Re: DSM: Parents' Club
Thu, 10 Feb 2000 20:39:05 EST


This is Stuart Williams-Ley from Cedarwood Sudbury School in Santa Clara, CA.
We have a Parent Discussion Meeting every month or so. Parents can put
whatever they want on the agenda. So far we have briefly discussed a number
of parent concerns. Sometimes parents raise questions that need to be
answered by a staff member (e.g. "what is happening regarding theft at the
school?"), but more often the questions invite other parents' responses.

Our format so far has been to pitch in and buy pizzas, eating at 5 PM,
starting the discussion at 5:30, and ending between 6:30 and 7. However, a
few working parents feel excluded because they cannot make the early meeting
times, so we may start to vary the times.

I think most parents find the meetings valuable, both to share thoughts and
to get to know one another better.

Take care,


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