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><< If this is so, then are we back to doling out rights, or at least doling
>the age and/or stage at which those rights take force? For me, it's almost
>as unanswerable a human conundrum as the "when does life begin" debate. >>
>Have you ever heard of TCS? TCS (Taking Children Seriously) maintains that
>rights begin at the age where prefrences begin. For more info:

Have you ever heard of two-year-olds? They have most certainly have
preferences, many of them dangerous and all of them completely
self-centered. I agree with Alan - as a parent, your responsibility is to
dole out rights as the child develops. The advantage we have as parents, of
course, is that we (should) know our children well and can adjust those
rights on a very individual basis.

It's tough no matter how you do it. I think the big difference between me
as a parent and my own parents is that I feel it's my responsibility, not my
right to do this. And if you think I'm just viewing it differently in my
roles and a child vs. a parent, consider this: My mother not only still
expects me to do as I'm told, she expects me (as the oldest child) to keep
my brothers and sister "in line". I haven't been able to manage that since
I was 12, the last time I successfully beat up my brother <g>.

She is, needless to say, horrified that her grandson is at SVS.


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