Re: DSM: Re: Slavery, Education, Political Philosophy, Caring, Human Rights, Effecting Change
Sun, 6 Feb 2000 18:13:39 EST

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<< I return to fundamental political principals (you can tell which person
this group is NOT a parent himself, I guess). >>

If you are talking about me, you are correct that I am not a parent. However,
I get my ideas about parenting *from* parents, as well as my own thought. I'm
not just pulling it out of my ass.

 << It is acceptable for a religious family to assume, for example, that
infant (until she makes it plain otherwise) is practicing the same religion
the parents are and to baptize or circumcise as appropriate. >>

With reversable stuff, I would agree. However, circumcision is a permanant
thing. This also doesn't justify doing something someone clearly objects to...


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